Sony’s Concept for Android with 7.0 Nougat Launches for Xperia X

Sony’s Concept for Android with 7.0 Nougat Launches for Xperia X

Way back in July 2015, Sony launched a unique “concept” software update for the Xperia Z3. Ordinarily, Sony Xperia devices came in with Sony’s own skin and set of modifications on top of Android, but this concept software update was Sony experimenting with stock Android on its device. The best part about this experiment was that Sony was inviting users to be part of this project, even if Sony themselves did not have plans to abandon their own skin.

If you are a current Sony Xperia X user and are interested to see what the concept ROM experience is all about, there is some good news flowing in for you. The Xperia X is the latest addition to Sony’s Concept for Android project, meaning that there will be opportunity for users to try out this ROM on their device. Additionally, since the concept ROM is based on Android 7.0 Nougat and features the stock Android experience without Sony’s skin, you are practically getting a Nexus-like experience of the latest software on Sony hardware, provided to you directly by the OEM!

The latest Concept for Android for Xperia X includes:

  • A sneak-peek at some of the latest features that will be part of future Xperia products
  • Android 7.0, Nougat, which includes new native features such as multi-window support and improved notifications
  • Access to Sony’s inTouch community, providing direct access to Sony’s software engineers and a chance to influence development & coming releases

The initiative is open initially to Xperia X (F5121) users in Europe. To participate in the experiment, download the Concept Installer app from the Google Play Store, and follow along the instructions to guide through the setup process. Perhaps the best part of this experiment is that it does not affect the warranty status of the device. Updates to the concept ROM are promised monthly, but users can opt-in for the alpha and experimental releases as well. You can also roll back to Sony’s skin as well. You do lose your data, so users are advised to make backups beforehand.


We appreciate Sony bringing the pure Android experience to a new device and for a new OS version. We hope they extend this onto other devices as well.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s Concept for Android program? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Sony Mobile Blog

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