Sony’s Hero Open Source Developer Title for May-June Awarded to XDA RD Bumble-Bee

Sony’s Hero Open Source Developer Title for May-June Awarded to XDA RD Bumble-Bee

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Of the many OEMs that we talk about here on XDA-Developers, only a very few actually work for and with the community. Most are all talk, but actions speak louder than words, and only a handful truly speak.

Sony is one of those OEMs that continues to foster relationships with the developer community, with several initiatives in place that promote external developers to work on Sony devices. Heck, the Sony Xperia Z3 was the ONLY device outside of Nexus and Android One devices to have had the Android N Developer Preview released for it.

One of Sony’s pro-Open Source initiatives is the Hero Open Source Developer Program. Under this program, Sony recognizes and rewards developers that contribute to the Open Device projects. The developer with the most accepted commits to the SonyXperiaDev github during the preceding two months stands to win a device from Sony as a reward. The winner for the period of May-June is none other than Shane Francis, aka XDA Recognized Developer Bumble-Bee. Shane has won a Sony Xperia X Performance for his efforts and contributions to the AOSP for Xperia Projects, including helping with the fingerprint scanner on the Z5 on AOSP. We congratulate Shane for his prize from Sony, and thank him for his contributions to open source.

If you too would like to stand a chance to win a device from Sony, the next Hero Open Source Developer will be the one who has submitted the most accepted commits during July-August. We encourage keen developers to give it a shot. Not only do you contribute code to open source, you could also win a device. We for one, couldn’t complain about this situation.

What are your thoughts on the Hero Open Source Developer Program? Would you be participating in it for the next period? Let us know in the comments below!