What’s SOT and Why Isn’t it the Battery Meter – XDA TV

What’s SOT and Why Isn’t it the Battery Meter – XDA TV

Mobile phones are getting more powerful everyday. With each passing generation, our smartphones are getting higher definition screens and more powerful processors. Mobile phone batteries are getting bigger too, but it doesn’t seem that way. Compared to older phones, batteries are bigger than ever. But because of the power hungry screens and chips, you wouldn’t notice that. There is a constant battle to get a full day out of a smartphone battery, while still being able to actually use the device.

In this episode of XDA TV, special guest isock gets real about a couple misconceptions about battery life. He defines what SOT is, what does that actually mean in regards to battery life, and is SOT really a good indicator of anything? So, if you want to learn about battery saving and SOT, check out this video.

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