These Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earbuds are a steal at almost 50% off on Prime Day!

These Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earbuds are a steal at almost 50% off on Prime Day!

A good pair of noise-canceling earbuds can be hard to find, especially ones that don’t break the bank. A standout in that field is Soundcore, which is a sub-brand of Anker. For Prime Day, in addition to some other great deals, Anker has a fantastic offering for its flagship earbuds, the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earbuds. These earbuds are already a solid recommendation at their list price of $170, but in a deal-of-the-day, Anker is knocking off a little over 47% off to just $90. It’s a steal!

I’ve been using the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pros for several months. I recently returned to them after testing a different set of buds. When I haven’t been testing other buds, I always return to the Liberty 3 Pros. They’re a little unconventional, as you’ll see, but I really dig them.


What do you mean by “unconventional”?

Man's hand holding earbuds in a case.

The most unconventional part about the buds is the fit. A lot of earbuds go into your ear canal and that’s their main mechanism for staying put. The Liberty 3 Pros have a wing system that wedges the silicone tip into your ear but also wedges them into the back of your ear. It sounds uncomfortable, but they’re really not. Plus, the dual-grip really sticks them in your ears and there’s no shaking them free. It’s great when I’m out riding my bike in particular; I don’t have to worry about losing one.

As for sound quality, they’re really great. They cover the whole spectrum of frequencies, they’re not too bass-heavy, and Soundcore has an ear test system in its app that lets you further tune the sound to your hearing. The ANC is really solid, even drowning out wind noise when driving with the windows down. Ambient mode is just ok; you can carry on conversations, but you’ll be more comfortable if you take out the buds.

Battery life is awesome and as a final bonus, the case also has built-in wireless charging. That’s not a big deal for some, but it’s a nice extra bit of tech on an otherwise great set of earbuds.

    The Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro earbuds have great sound, ANC, and they're a steal at alomst 50% off!




I’ll always recommend these earbuds at their normal price, but at 47% off they’re a steal. Grab them while you can! While you’re at it, check out some other Prime Day deals, like the Moto RAZR foldable for almost 50% off or some good low-cost Holy Stone drones!

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