XDA Special Report: Flar

XDA Special Report: Flar

A lot of us know perfectly well who our administrator is. For those of you who have no clue, look up the user “Flar“. Back at the time when XDA was launching (sometime around 2003), the community was beginning to grow from a few users to hundreds of people world wide. Soon, the community had a few thousands users and was rapidly growing into a haven for people who had devices not supported by anyone else. Because the user base of the site was growing faster than what the original owners/admins had anticipated, the site was becoming sluggish and slowly growing out of control. Something had to be done about it. XDA Administrator Peter Poelman posted this thread on 6/1/2006, and his post contained a very interesting part

Quote from Peter Poelman:

Thirdly, and probably most importantly: Since I was so frustrated with being so time-constrained that I was not able to deliver perfection, I have taken the liberty to silently hire someone else to take care of the site full-time. Flar (username “Flar”) had her first day at work today. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on previous occasions, and I can tell you that she is one capable professional young woman. She’ll need a little time to get rolling, but she and I will soon be managing the migration the system to yet better hardware, switching from phpBB to vBulletin, creating a new structure, cleaning up the ftp site and migrating the wiki to Mediawiki. She will then take care of daily moderation of the forums and all the other daily and weekly tasks that go with properly maintaining this site.

So, at that point in time, we got a new administrator on this site, and after a few posts of warm welcomes, she finally posted on XDA for the first time:

Quote from Flar:

Hi All,

Thank you all for all the support and welcoming 

I’ll be more and more active on the site and look forward to talking to you all.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything you’d like us to know!



Everything went up hill from that point onwards. The forums were transferred to new servers, we went into vBulletin, which made lives of a lot of people easier (especially hers :)), and the moderator team obtained a fierce, yet cheerful leader that was more of a very knowledgeable “buddy” rather than a very knowledgeable “admin”. Moreover, she was quite active (for some time) in the Wizard forums. The site was flourishing with activity and new forums for new devices were added every time HTC or Microsoft opened their mouth. As the years went by, her constant efforts and unmatched dedication turned XDA-Developers into the single largest online community for HTC devices on the planet.

I have been an active member of this site for almost 5 years and I can assure you that we have gone through many transitional phases in XDA’s history, and most of them were positive in context and outcome. However, life usually takes unexpected turns and the best that we can do is adapt to them. As you might have guessed from reading the article up until this point, there is something brewing in the background. Much against our will, Flar has decided that life is taking her in a different direction. So, with that in mind, she will no longer be part of the XDA administrative team. It is a sad time for all of us to see her go. However, she has left quite a legacy behind and lots of friends and people who trust and respect her. This is what some of us have expressed when it came to her departure:

Quote from mikechannon:

I wish Flar a happy and prosperous future pursuing her new career. She has been a friend to the XDA community, unfailingly loyal and we will remember her key role in maintaining xda-developers as the world’s most popular and respected site of its kind. Those of us who have worked directly with her also know her to be a warm and friendly person and whilst being firm, never sparing with her wicked sense of humor! There are some people in life who impress you with their skills, she certainly does that, but more than that, much more than that, she has a wonderful personality and I will miss her.

Quote from Fallen Spartan:

At first I didn’t know what to think when I heard Flar was going, surely this couldn’t be true! What would XDA be without her? Flar has always been there for us. I thought of her as one of the pillars holding XDA up! What would we do without her pearls of wisdom. Who would we seek for advice in sticky situations? See that’s Flar. If at any time myself or another mod needed assistance, Flar was always there to offer support in a sensible and logical manner. She just spoke wisdom in ways which baffled me. How could someone know all that? But she also had a wicked funny side and joined in with all the banter in the mod forums which meant we all thought of her as one of the team rather than just XDA admin. This is what made her special. I’ll always be grateful for the help she has offered me over the years and wish her all the best in her future job. You’ll be missed Flar. Take care.

Quote from !Aman!

1. I admire her positive attitude, extreme action towards any problem (e.g the dutty episode last year)was always a last resort.

2. Her conduct has always been professional, mature and to the point (dont know how old she is :D). The interactions with her posts suggests me that she is a calm and composed person, someone who has loads of patience and time before deciding something.

3. she never jumps to a conclusion on her own, always discussed with other mods.

Quote from Vijay555:

Re sending a few lines to Flar on her retirement, there´s nothing more I could ever say than that I love her, both for the work she´s done on the site, and personally as an estranged friend, as I think all the old mods were and are!

Quote from Wacky.Banana:

Although I have been here for a little over 3 years, I think, I did not have that much interaction with her until recently. However the words I would like to use to best describe how I, and many others, have seen her is “the voice of reason”.

No matter what the issue you put up to her she would always come back with a level headed, well thought out response that made you sit back and appreciate the fact that she was the Admin.

I think all the comments in her leaving thread speak for themselves. She is well liked and will be sadly missed.

Quote from Rudegar:

maybe something short and the the point like

< the right tool for the job and when us tools (mods) can’t manage we require the help of a classy lady> ?

Quote from hilaireg:

In the time short time that I have been moderator, I have come to respect Flar’s level of commitment and integrity. Flar is supportive nature; both in the affairs of XDA and of its moderators.

She has been a great asset to all that is XDA.

Quote from Svetius:

I’ve been fortunate to work closely with Flar in the last few months on many new projects for XDA. She’s organized, level-headed, thorough, and has been a fantastic leader to the mods of XDA. Her perfect blend of authority and lightheartedness has been fundamental in keeping the huge forums of XDA running smoothly over the past four years. She will be greatly missed, and I wish her the absolute best in her future pursuits.

Although, not everyone was able to write something, the opinion of these moderators, who have worked with her for the sake and prosperity of this site, pretty much speaks for all of us here at XDA. With these last words, I would like to wish Flar, on behalf of all of us here at XDA-Developers all the best in the future and to thank her for giving us these wonderful last four years.

You will be missed and we’ll see you soon… 🙂

To the community: an announcement about the NEW forum admin is forthcoming 🙂



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