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Get this Spigen 100W USB Type-C charger for just $42 today

Get this Spigen 100W USB Type-C charger for just $42 today

You might already have a few single-port USB Type-C chargers around your home, but multi-connector wall adapters can be handy, especially ones with higher power outputs. Spigen might be best known for its smartphone cases, but the company also produces a few chargers, including a powerful 100W wall adapter that can charge two devices at once. Now you can get it for $41.99 on Amazon for Black Friday, as long as you have a Prime account.

This is one of many wall modern wall chargers built with Gallium Nitride (GaN) components, which allows the design to be smaller without overheating. As a result, even though this is slightly smaller than the wall chargers Apple ships with MacBooks, it’s smaller and delivers more power. The charger can reach up to 100W on a single port, so it’s perfect for just about any USB Type-C laptop, and both Type-C ports can charge at up to 45W at the same time.

    This 100W USB Type-C charger is $41.99 right now, $18 below MSRP. You need an Amazon Prime account to see the discount.

Spigen’s 100W charger is perfect for traveling, as you won’t have to bring two wall adapters to charge two USB Type-C devices at fast speeds. The only downside is that there’s no USB Type-A connector, so if you want to charge some older or low-power devices, you might need a USB adapter. Still, you’re getting a lot of functionality in one compact package.

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