Spigen Cases: Are They Any Good and Should You Buy Them?

Spigen Cases: Are They Any Good and Should You Buy Them?

Have you ever decided that you needed a case for your smartphone and then were overwhelmed with all the options available on Amazon? You’re far from alone. When searching, though, you may come across one particular brand of cases relatively often–Spigen.

What are Spigen cases? Are they worth the price of admission, or should you go with another brand?

What are Spigen cases?

Founded in 2008, Spigen looks to make high-quality mobile accessories that fit each individual’s needs. They do this with many extensive lines of cases, each with their own purposes and functionality. As such, Spigen has five separate lines to choose from:

  • Armor – If you need to make sure your device is solid and protected against even the harshest falls, Spigen’s Armor cases are what you want.
  • Hybrid – A mix between style and security, the Hybrid Spigen case will protect your phone against most falls and accidents, but not be as bulky as the Armor.
  • Liquid – Spigen’s Liquid line provides cases with a small amount of protection, which is perfect if you’re not worried about wear and tear but still want something less slippery than the phone to grip. Some Liquid cases are clear too, so you can see the original phone color underneath.
  • Thin Fit – Similar to the Liquid, the Thin Fit fits snugly around the phone but provides slightly more protection than the Liquid. It’s also not clear!
  • Wallet – No mystery on this one–this is a Spigen case that can double as a wallet! The Wallet gives your phone some protection while offering a flap to put credit and ID cards in.

Spigen also has some of the cheaper brand-name cases on the market. Prices will vary by phone model, but Armor cases will be between $20-$40, Hybrid cases sell for around $25, and Thin and Liquid cases tend to sit between $15-$20. Wallet line Spigen cases generally sit around $30.

What’s the best Spigen case line?

Of the four main lines, which Spigen case line is best is going to depend a lot on your day-to-day use with the device. For most people, the Hybrid will probably be the best bet, offering great protection without bulking the phone out too much. After all, most people will be prone to dropping their phone on the pavement once in a while, and the Hybrid Spigen case will protect against those accidents.

However, if you’re a person working a labor-intensive job like construction, or are buying a case for a younger phone owner, the Armor will be able to protect your smart device against all the stuff life may throw at it. An Amazon review for one of the Spigen Armor cases states that their phone survived unscathed after being run over by a car! There’s really no better endorsement than that for a Spigen case.

How do Spigen cases stack up with the competition?

Most Spigen case buyers state that their case is a good blend of protection and style, which helps them stand toe-to-toe with other popular case brands. Spigen Armor cases are often compared to the leading name in protective cases, OtterBox. Most users agree that while OtterBoxes feel like they would protect their phone from anything and everything, they’re way too thick to be comfortable. Spigen cases, on the other hand, often also feel solid, but aren’t nearly as thick as an OtterBox, generally making them more comfortable for the average user.

Spigen’s Liquid cases aren’t generally as thin as Totallee’s Thin cases, and you cannot get matte Liquid cases, but Spigen has the advantage of being available for far more devices. Of course, if you’re getting the most popular flagship devices you’ll have no shortage of cases to choose from… but Spigen carries cases beyond Apple, Google, and Samsung and that’s a big advantage for a lot of users.

It’s clear though, consumers love Spigen cases. The choices available for pretty much every modern phone on the market coupled with the brand’s low cost make Spigen a phone case fan favorite.

What phones can I buy a Spigen case for?

Spigen has cases available for most modern flagships phones. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, a Google Pixel 4a, or an HTC U11, there is a Spigen case for you. Spigen even has cases for older model phones still available–for example, I can still buy cases for my LG v40 ThinQ, and that phone is working towards its second anniversary.

On top of that, Spigen makes cases for more than just smartphones. Want to keep your Galaxy Buds and Nintendo Switch safe? Spigen has the case for you.

Where can I buy a Spigen case?

Spigen has a unique store page on Amazon, which has most of its stock available and is where we’d buy a Spigen case from. Thanks to fast Prime shipping, you can have your new case arrive at the same time as, or even before, your new phone! You can also search for specific devices like the Best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases and Best Pixel 4a cases and Spigen is sure to show up there as well!

You can also find select Spigen cases at Best Buy. This isn’t the ideal way to get the perfect case, but if you’re getting a phone activated at Best Buy, there just might be a Spigen case for it in store! Then you won’t need to wait for the case to ship to you.

    Spigen Cases - the brand we recommend!
    Ready to protect your new phone? There's a lot of cases you can buy, but the brand we always come back to for the perfect blend of protection and slim profile at an affordable price is Spigen!

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