Change the Splash Screen of OnePlus Devices with SplashInjector

Change the Splash Screen of OnePlus Devices with SplashInjector

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There are many ways to customize your device such as icon packs, third-party launchers, and themes. If you are rooted, you can also change the boot animation, which is the often colorful logo that appears before Android boots up. But there’s also the splash screen, which is the very first thing that shows on your device before the boot animation. It lasts only a few seconds and usually just shows the manufacturer’s name. Customizing the splash screen is usually more difficult than changing the boot animation or anything else, but thanks to a new tool for OnePlus devices, it’ll be really easy to change splash screens.

XDA Senior Member bobglaus created “SplashInjector,” a basic command line interface tool based on the Splash Screen Image Injector created last year by XDA Senior Member makers_mark. The tool supports all OnePlus devices except the OnePlus X (meaning the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, and OnePlus 5) and it has been developed in order to make modifications to the boot splash screen easy and painless for an extra touch of customization.

The developer states that the tool is a bit “hacky” with support for Unix-based systems primarily. Support for Windows arrived in version 1.52, however, the tool loses the ability to package files on the respective OS. Developers can use tools such as Android Flashable Zip Creator in order to make-up for the lost ability. The tool (in its current state) can successfully decode and encode all the “logo.bin” files for every OnePlus device supported. It has the added ability to pack flashable zips automatically.

All that’s needed to be done is a quick run of the “decode” command followed by preference-driven edits to the files in the output folder. The “encode” command will pack everything back up. In order to create a package out of all of the above, the “package”command is essential. Usage instructions have been conveniently hosted at GitHub right here.

Change Splash Screens with SplashInjector