Spoof Your MAC Address The Easy Way

Spoof Your MAC Address The Easy Way

There are several parameters and things that we can play around with in our beloved mobile devices. Sometimes, modifying things have the added advantage of unlocking new abilities or gaining access to options that were forbidden for some reason. XDA member clarkkov has posted an interesting yet controversial guide on how to spoof your MAC address. If you are uncertain of what this is, basically it means that you can modify the MAC of your network adapter and change it to a different number. This is done in a temporary basis (not a permanent change), so it will go back to normal once you reboot your device. There are various uses for something like this (both good and bad). However, this is something that is well known, and the guide posted makes a well known process into an easy to perform well known process. One last thing, you must be rooted to do this.


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If you are a Wardriver or an AP hopper you know the use of MAC address spoofing.

How to spoof MAC address in Android (root) the easy way:

You can find more information in the guide thread.

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