Spotify now allows all creators in select regions to publish video podcasts

Spotify now allows all creators in select regions to publish video podcasts

Lately, our digital world has been adding more focus on the video format. A few years ago, popular content mostly revolved around text, audio, and photos. Now new video editing and publishing tools are emerging on some of the most commonly used services. Live video streams and TikTok-like short videos across many famous apps are two examples on how the video format is starting to dominate the online space. Last Fall, Spotify started testing video podcast publishing with select creators. The company is now expanding this capability to all users in select regions. All creators in the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada can now publish video podcasts on Spotify. It’s still unclear when and if this feature will become available in other markets across the world.


In a newsroom post, Spotify has announced that all creators in the mentioned countries can now publish video podcasts on its platform. Just like audio podcasts, creators can upload them through Anchor and optionally monetize them through paid subscriptions. Additionally, users will be able to interact with the video content through polls and Q&As — if the creator includes them. The company states:

Visual interactions allow fans to get to know their favorite podcast hosts even better, and allow creators to connect with their audiences in a much deeper way. But if you want to stick to the pure audio experience, that’s great too—video on Spotify is backgroundable for all listeners, so you can immerse yourself in the content when you want to, or simply lean back and just listen.

It’s worth noting that Spotify has added full support for embedding video podcasts as well. The embedded player now allows viewers to watch the content right from the webpage. In addition to that, Spotify is partnering with Riverside to bring free video recording collaboration to creators. You can find all of the details on Spotify’s Newsroom website, linked below.

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Source: Spotify Newsroom

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