Spotify lets you delete only cache and not downloads to help save space

Spotify lets you delete only cache and not downloads to help save space

Spotify is one of the most popular music players on the planet, and day by day it’s updated with new features and improvements. Only recently did it get controls for playlists on mobile, though, alongside a brand new Bluetooth streaming UI. Now there’s even better news as you will be able to clear the downloaded cache on Spotify without wiping your downloaded songs too. You could already do this through your device’s settings, but now you can do it from within the app itself.


The addition of this feature is helpful, as when you listen to songs the Spotify application caches them. If you find yourself listening to random songs often enough, then you may also find your storage being used up quickly. For some, storage comes at a premium and you may want to clear the cache often. I personally find this to be a useful feature as it can help save on data usage in the long run, but others may dislike it. I sometimes have let songs be saved to the cache and listened to my music that way. It means that I don’t have to remember to delete downloaded songs, as the app handles it for me.


The feature popped up sometime in the last few weeks according to AndroidPolice, interestingly after a user request.

Users should find that the new feature is available in their Spotify application now. Previously, clearing the cache from settings had proved questionable. What exactly is getting cleared that way? At least now we know we are only clearing cached song data and nothing more. It’s safer and also a lot more user-friendly.

If you don’t have the feature, you can download the latest version of the application from the Google Play Store below. It should be available for all users and isn’t undergoing any testing.

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