Spotify for the desktop can finally initiate casting to Google Cast devices

Spotify for the desktop can finally initiate casting to Google Cast devices

Spotify isn’t a perfect music streaming service, but it is easily one of the best options out there. One of the features that makes Spotify so great is “Spotify Connect.” It allows you to open the app on any device and control the music wherever it’s playing. Google Cast devices are included in Connect, but with one big limitation: you can’t initiate from the desktop app. That’s finally getting fixed.

Previously, Google Cast devices were available in the Spotify mobile and web apps. You could easily cast to them and control the playback from any platform. However, the Windows and Mac apps could only control the casted playback after it had been initiated from the mobile or web apps. You couldn’t cast to a Chromecast or Assistant smart speaker from the desktop app. This was very annoying.


Good news!

You can now find Chromecast in the connect “devices available” menu in the Spotify desktop app and browser web player. Now you can cast your music to Chromecast from the desktop app without having to use the iOS or Android app.

Make sure your Spotify desktop app is up to date

Starting in Spotify for desktop version 1.1.38, Google Cast devices finally appear in the “devices available” menu. It works exactly how you’d expect. Simply select a device from the list to begin casting. You will be able to control playback from the desktop app or any other platform through the Connect feature. No more weird workarounds required.

Source: Spotify Community | Via: 9to5Google

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