Spotify now lets you download 10,000 tracks per device

Spotify now lets you download 10,000 tracks per device

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Companies in a lot of markets like to point their finger at piracy when it comes to a drop in sales. However, many people turn to piracy due to price and convenience. We have watched Gabe Newell turn millions of gaming pirates into loyal buyers and some would say the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, did something similar when he left as the CEO of μTorrent and shifted his expertise over to the music industry. Still, not everyone is happy with the limitations that Spotify has with its service, but one of those limitations has just been increased more than threefold.

Similar to Netflix, Spotify has to walk a very tight rope when it comes to what they are allowed and not allowed to offer their customers. Especially with Spotify, the main reason people use their service is to listen to music that the company does not own. This means they have to sign contracts with various music studios and sometimes these can be heavy-handed to the point where they seem unfair. Other times it’s the company itself that imposes limits, which is something Spotify customers have been complaining about for ages.

Paying customers have had a limit of being able to store 9,999 different tracks for each account they own. The issue here was that Spotify was limiting this in such a way that paying customers could only store 3,333 songs per device. This is something that people have complained about since at least 2015, but this week those details have finally changed. The rules have changed from limiting paying customers from 3,333 songs on 3 devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices.

This is a major shift in what most paying Spotify customers are used to and it’s something that will make a lot of people happy. Not only will each device be able to store 10,000 different songs (again, up from 3,333), but they have also changed it so this limit is available for up to 5 different devices per customer.

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