You’ll Soon be Able to Control Spotify with Google Assistant

You’ll Soon be Able to Control Spotify with Google Assistant

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Google wasn’t the only company to make Android related announcements today. We have previously learned that Google has partnered with 25 different companies to launch their new Made with Google certification program and they’re working with some software companies as well. Today, we also learned that Google has teamed up with the developers of Spotify to bring Google Assistant integration to your connected devices.

With the Google Assistant SDK and the Actions on Google platforms, 3rd-party companies are able to integrate hands-free voice commands into their products and services. With the Google Assistant SDK, this has helped to create all sorts of new products that were not available before. With the Actions on Google SDK though, this lets developers leverage Google Assistant from Google Assistant enabled devices (including connected speakers, earbuds, smartphones and more).

When Google Home was launched, they included support for Spotify that let those customers listen to music from the popular streaming service. However, this was limited to Google Home and left many wondering why the feature didn’t work on other devices that had the Google Assistant. Spotify has just announced that both free and premium Spotify users will be able to use their voice to control Spotify across Google Assistant-supported devices.

The feature isn’t available just yet, but the company says the new update will begin rolling out “in the coming weeks.” To give you an idea as to what will be supported when the update reaches your device, they have included a number of voice commands that will work with it. You can initiate it with a simple “OK Google, play Spotify” command, or get more specific with “OK Google, play Discover Weekly.” You can even use it like other music stream services and say “OK Google, play Today’s Top Hits on my Chromecast” to get your music playing on a specific device on the network.

Source: Spotify