Spotify may be coming to India in early 2019

Spotify may be coming to India in early 2019

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India and China are two of the biggest emerging countries when it comes to technology. For years, tech companies only focused on markets like the United States and Europe, but both India and China have a higher population to target. As more people in these countries come online, we’re going to see an influx of technology companies attempt to gain customers there. Some have tried and already failed, while others (like Google) have been very aggressive in the area by not only making their current services more accessible but also launching entirely new services built specifically for these markets. The latest tech company to try to enter the Indian market seems to be Spotify as reports indicate they have plans to launch within the next 6 months.

There’s been a lot of activity under the roof of Spotify as of late. The music streaming service received integration into Google Maps, they now allow you to download 10,000 tracks per device, and they’re even testing a sleep timer for those who like to listen to podcasts after laying down for the night. Not only that, but those who use the Wear OS application recently received an update that brought a new user interface and support for Spotify Connect. That’s a lot of work on the software end but it seems the company is also looking to expand their user base as well.

It was less than three weeks ago when Spotify announced they were bringing their service to the Middle East and North Africa. However, it looks like their expansion plans aren’t stopping there as Variety is reporting the popular music streaming service is scheduled to launch in India “as soon as the next six months.” Again, it is difficult for a technology company to enter the Indian market due to price-sensitive customers and previous competition. However, Spotify feels they will have an advantage by offering an extended (more than 30 days) free trial period for the region.

The company will still have a tough road ahead as some of the biggest local record labels have yet to partner up with the company. Negotiations can take time though and with Spotify having around 6 months to get things under control, they could make a huge splash with their launch.

Via: GSM Arena Source: Variety