Spotify just raised the price of several plans in the US, UK, and Europe

Spotify just raised the price of several plans in the US, UK, and Europe

Spotify subscribers are in for some bad news. The music streaming service is raising prices for many of its plans across a number of regions, with parts of Europe and the UK seeing the most changes. The new price hikes are reportedly set to go into effect beginning April 30.

Spotify subscribers in the UK have started to receive emails alerting them to a variety of increases. The price of a Spotify Student subscription is being raised from £4.99 to £5.99 per month, while the price of a Duo plan is increasing from £12.99 to £13.99. Meanwhile, a Spotify Family plan is being raised from £14.99 to £16.99 per month.


Some countries in Europe, including Ireland, are also seeing price increases. Spotify’s Student and Duo plans are increasing to €5.99 and €12.99 per month, respectively. Spotify Family is seeing a more drastic increase from €14.99 to €17.99 per month. The Verge reports that some countries in Asia and South America will see similar price increases soon.

“We offer a variety of subscription plans tailored to our users’ needs, and we occasionally update our prices to reflect local macroeconomic factors and meet market demands while offering an unparalleled service,” a Spotify spokesperson told The Verge.

Apparently, Spotify subscribers who are effected by the price increases will have a one-month grace period before prices are automatically increased. That means existing subscribers should see an increase during the June billing cycle.

Spotify has also raised the price of family plans in the U.S., but the service has yet to confirm what the new prices will be. The price increases arrive on the heels of several updates the service has made to its desktop and mobile apps. In addition to redesigns, the company has also unveiled a new mobile home screen to further personalize your experience.

The Verge notes Spotify is set to post its latest earnings on Thursday, when we may learn more about what to expect from the price increases here in the U.S.

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