Spotify is Testing a Redesign with Fewer Tabs and Bigger Album Art

Spotify is Testing a Redesign with Fewer Tabs and Bigger Album Art

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Spotify, the popular music streaming service with over 50 million paid subscribers and over 140 million monthly active users, is testing a new user interface on Android that reduces the application’s number of tabs and switches up various other elements.

The new Spotify’s tab bar is something you’ll likely notice right away. The total number of navigation tabs has been reduced from five to three — before, there were tabs in the bottom tab bar for Home, Browsing, Searching, the Radio, and your Library, and now there’s only Playlist, the Home, and Search. Another big change shows up when you’re listening to a song: The album cover takes up the entire screen instead of just a small square in the middle, and the action buttons display at the bottom.

The Spotify application’s Search page used to just list your recent searches, but now suggests genres and categories you might like. And on the Playlists and Your Likes pages, the album artwork is bigger and more detailed.

It’s a pretty dramatic departure from Spotify’s current paradigm, but not everyone appears to have gotten it at once — chances are good it’s rolling out to a few users as part of a test. Considering it’s made it to this stage, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if the changes made it to every user in the near future.

Source: +LumiqCreative Via: Android Police