Spotify is testing in-app audio reactions that can be published as podcasts

Spotify is testing in-app audio reactions that can be published as podcasts

Spotify is considered one of the largest music streaming services available. For the better part of two years, the company has pushed its way into new territories, building out its podcast library by signing on top talent. A new report shows that the company is testing a new feature, an in-app audio recorder that can upload content on its platform as a podcast.

A user posted screenshots to Reddit, giving us a glimpse of the feature in action. The feature is apparently being tested in Vietnam and will prompt users to record a reaction to music that was previously listened to. After listening to a playlist, a prompt was displayed on the screen, asking the user their opinion on the music. The screen hosts a button that can be pressed to record audio. Once the audio is recorded, it can be lightly edited, and background music can even be added. When complete, it can be published to Spotify, and it will be added to the platform as a podcast episode. While this is intriguing, it will be interesting to see how many will participate in this once and if it ever goes live.


Spotify Audio Recording

Spotify is known for its experimentation, often willing to try new things that might not always succeed. While the experimentation is welcome, some in the Spotify community have voiced their frustration with the service, as it has missed deadlines to bring new features to the platform. Perhaps the most wanted feature, its HiFi service, has yet to come to the platform. More recently, the service has added new ways for users to listen to music, like its Friends Mix feature and it has even improved its UI for Premium subscribers. But the big question still remains, when will Spotify unveil its most wanted anticipated HiFi music service?

Source: Reddit
Via: TechCrunch

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