Spotify is testing a new Premium Duo plan aimed at couples

Spotify is testing a new Premium Duo plan aimed at couples

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Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services currently available, competing against the likes of Apple Music and Google Play Music and YouTube Music as well as against regional competitors. Spotify recently entered the Indian market with new prepaid plans, offering pricing and duration variations beginning from ₹13 ($0.2) for a day and going all the way up to ₹1189 ($17.2) for a year, which is significantly cheaper than what the service charges in several other regions. In addition to premium plans for individuals (Spotify Premium), Spotify also offers plans for multiple people (Premium for Family), letting you cut down on your monthly bill if you have multiple users within a family. Now, Spotify is testing a new Premium Duo plan, intended for couples.

As spotted by Reddit user Hasztagg, Spotify is introducing Premium Duo in certain regions like Poland and Ireland, offering lower pricing than two individual Premium accounts and obviously lesser than the Family plan. This makes Premium Duo ideal for couples, which is what Spotify’s marketing is aiming it towards. The pricing is halfway between the individual and family plan, so we can extrapolate the same trend to other regions where this has not yet launched. This would mean that, if and when Premium Duo launches in the USA, the pricing could likely be $12.49/month for two users, which is halfway in pricing between Spotify Premium’s $9.99/month for one user and Spotify Premium for Family’s $14.99/month for six users.

One of the highlight features for Duo is Duo Mix, which is a playlist that combines music that both Duo members listen to. Duo Mix on mobile has three “moods”: “Chill” for easy listening and laidback tempo, “Upbeat” for increasing the tempo of the mix and the standard version of the mix.

It is unknown if Premium Duo will be coming to other regions like the USA, UK or India; but we are betting it will. Spotify tends to do A/B testing with smaller audiences before widely rolling out features. Stay tuned for official announcements from Spotify.

Source: Spotify Ireland Story Via: Spotify Subreddit