Spotify for Android starts testing a redesigned library UI

Spotify for Android starts testing a redesigned library UI

After announcing a HiFi lossless streaming tier earlier this week, Spotify has now started testing a redesigned library UI for its Android app. The updated design has already started rolling out to some users via a server-side update, and it seems to be much more intuitive than the current interface.

According to a recent report from Android Police, the updated library UI is available for select users running version of the Spotify app on Android. As you can see in the attached screenshots, it features several changes, including a new landing page that displays playlists, artists, and albums in one feed.


Redesigned Library UI (Images: Android Police)

The new landing page is a significant improvement over the existing library UI, as it gives you quick access to all categories, including podcasts, rather than limiting you to the Playlists tab by default. The consolidated list also improves the search function, letting you search across all categories right from the main library page.

Current Library UI (Images: Android Police)

Along with the consolidated list, the updated library UI now features an easy-to-access “Create playlist” button in the top right corner, new category buttons at the top of the feed to quickly filter through Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Podcasts, and a new option to display everything in a grid layout. As mentioned earlier, the redesigned library UI is only live for a handful of users at the moment, and we have no information regarding a broader rollout.

Redesigned Now Playing interface Spotify

Redesigned Now Playing interface

Additionally, Spotify is also testing a new “Now playing” interface. The updated interface is also only available for a small fraction of users, and it’s likely part of a server-side test. We don’t know much about the updated interface other than what you see in the image attached above. We’ll update this post as soon as the new Library UI and redesigned Now Playing interface start rolling out to more Spotify users on Android.

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