Spotify Update Includes Support for Android Wear

Spotify Update Includes Support for Android Wear

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One of the most practical use-cases for an Android Wear device is to get quick access to controls for current activities, like being able to pause or skip tracks whilst you’re listening to music. Spotify, despite being one of the most popular music streaming services around, hasn’t included Android Wear support in the past but had promised that it was to be included soon. Today, those on the crest of the wearable wave may be pleased to notice a new Spotify card appear on the device on their wrists.



Yes, Spotify is now rolling out an update that adds compatibility with Android Wear after a long period of notable absence. Once installed you should be able to see the new card featuring play and pause controls for your current music, with further options accessible after swiping to the right. These include the usual but essential controls for skipping tracks back and forth, and adjusting the volume. Swipe once more and you’ll find a way to browse your library and playlists, with control right down to specific albums, but no further. You can even choose from Your Stations and Spotify’s genre based playlists – essentially anything that can be already arranged in a simple list.



One slight annoyance is that you can’t actually launch Spotify initially from your wrist, instead you’ll need to have started the app on your phone already. Previously on their blog, Spotify had claimed you would be able to “browse and play music on the go – without ever having to pick up your phone”, so hopefully an app drawer entry or voice command support will appear in future versions to validate that claim. For now though, it feels well designed and intuitive, and the functionality should cover most bases. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, head over to the Play Store to download Spotify if you haven’t already, or just sit tight and await the update if you have.



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