Spotify is testing voice-enabled ads for Android and iOS users in the US

Spotify is testing voice-enabled ads for Android and iOS users in the US

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Spotify has been doing a lot of work to compete in the aggressive music streaming industry. After years of planning, the company finally launched its service in India with a plethora of different plans to choose from. They have gone on an outright attack on Apple for their practices in allegedly hindering competition in favor of Apple Music. To continue competing, they need to invest in other areas and that’s exactly what they’re doing. They recently started testing voice-enabled advertisements for a limited number of users in the U.S.

Hardly anyone enjoys advertisements these days but it can be quite difficult to avoid completely. Even if you aren’t actively going out of your way to avoid ads then you might find yourself becoming blind to them on websites. Even multimedia ads on services like Spotify, YouTube, cable TV, etc. get ignored as soon as the user detects they have started playing. So advertisers are always looking at techniques to engage with the user in new and unique ways. Spotify has enough confidence to test voice-enabled ads on mobile and some in the United States may be coming across them right now.

The idea is to provide a way for the user to engage back with the advertiser by taking action on a particular ad. For Spotify users, this would result in the user hearing an ad and saying a voice command to act upon that ad. This action could be anything like a current test by Axe Body Spray and Spotify Studios trying to direct users to the Spotify Original podcast, Stay Free: The Story of the Clash.

Another that is currently being tested will direct the user to a branded playlist on Spotify related to an Axe Body Spray ad campaign. We can see how this can continue expanding into product purchases if they end up receiving some positive results from initial testing.

Source: TechCrunch