Everything to Know About Spotting Fake AirPods

Everything to Know About Spotting Fake AirPods

When it comes to Apple products, each new release spawns an entire industry of fake products designed to trick unsuspecting buyers. This is most common for their iPhones, iPad, iPods, and more recently their AirPods. AirPods have gained a massive amount of popularity since their launch, and with their second generation AirPod and AirPod Pro models, fakes are more prevalent than ever.

With fakes on the rise, more and more people are ending up with fake Apple AirPods. You can find fake airpods for sale on Ebay, Amazon, and many Chinese online stores. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to spot fake AirPods.

Apple AirPod Pros

Fake Airpods vs. Real: How to Spot Fake Airpods

Unsure about the authenticity of your AirPods? Find the serial number on the AirPods case. This will be located on the under-side of the lid, in the left cup, and on the bottom of the right earpiece. Once you see your Apple serial number, go to checkcoverage.apple.com and type the number in there. If they are authentic, the search will find that they are Apple AirPods. This will not work with any fake serial number.

Apple Serial Number Located in the AirPods Case

Apple Serial Number Located in the Right AirPods Earpiece.

If you are using your AirPods with an Apple iPhone or Mac, the bluetooth settings menu will show an AirPods icon next to your device. If this icon is there, you can be sure that you’re using authentic AirPods. Once connected, you can view the serial number and model number in the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings > General > About > AirPods.

Mac Bluetooth Menu

iOS Settings Menu

Real AirPods Vs. Fake AirPods

When comparing real AirPods to the many different fake ones, there are a few differences that usually give it away pretty quickly.


The packaging can be one of the more difficult areas to spot signs that you might have a fake. It is easy to make the packaging almost identical to the real deal. However, while visually everything may look right, look a little closer and you’ll usually find spelling errors. Along with these errors, AirPod serial numbers might be missing. Inspect it carefully to look for any imperfections.


The Apple AirPods have a few distinct features that fakes often skip over. The first one is wireless charging. If you have a second generation AirPod or AirPod Pros, your case will be able to charge when placed on a wireless charger. The other function you will usually not find on fakes, is the instant connect feature. When you open the case for your AirPods, they should connect instantly.


The charging port on the AirPods case will be Apple’s Lightning Port. If your case has a USB-C or Micro-USB, it is a fake.

Fake AirPods on Ebay and Amazon

Both Amazon and Ebay have authentic Apple AirPods for sale. They also have many sellers pushing fake AirPods. Be careful who you buy your AirPods from and always make sure to read the seller reviews. You can always order AirPods directly from the Apple website, or buy them in an Apple store. Use these tips to identify and avoid fake AirPods.