Here’s how Sprint will market its merger with T-Mobile to customers

Here’s how Sprint will market its merger with T-Mobile to customers

With the new T-Mobile/Sprint merger just being announced last Sunday, people have a lot of questions. We have exclusively obtained a document including the talking points that Sprint would like their employees to use for answering questions concerning the merger. This document also reveals some more in-depth information about the merger. You can read the talking points for yourself below (click to enlarge).

When customers ask about the merger they are supposed to say “We’re very excited that Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to merge. This is terrific news for customers.” It also states that the new T-Mobile will have a “faster, more reliable network at lower prices and with better value.”

These talking points are going to be used for when a customer visits the store and asks about the merger. Some people might be wondering if their prices are rising or if their service is going to get worse. They really want to reiterate that “nothing changes for now.” Even though this announcement was made and forms are being filed, the United States Government still needs to approve the merger to complete it.

A different source who also has a relationship with the companies has told us the merger is set to complete in June 2019. That matches the H1 2019 estimate that both T-Mobile and Sprint had mentioned in their press releases. It could take time after that for both T-Mobile and Sprint to change customers over and port their customer databases to the new T-Mobile.

This document also gets more in-depth about the merger and what the companies will be doing to merge. It states that T-Mobile will file a registration statement on a Form S-4 that will contain a join consent solicitation statement from T-Mobile and Sprint. If you would like to view a copy you can view it on once they are available. These are mostly for investors and security holders, but might be interesting for those who want to know more. More of this information is available in the first popup window on

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