Stack Overflow Receives an Official App for Android and iOS

Stack Overflow Receives an Official App for Android and iOS

If you’ve had any experience or interest in programming, you’ve probably at least heard of The website is one of the best resources for both fledgling developers looking to learn how to code as well as seasoned veterans looking to debug their existing work. Even your average user might have come across the website through a carefully worded Google search in an effort to solve some obscure bug they are experiencing with some software. Or sometimes, you come across a StackOverflow thread with your exact same question only to find that the thread has been abandoned by the original poster who discovered an answer to their problem but never bothered to share what they did to fix it.


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The website’s name comes from a common programming error wherein a program attempts to uses more space than is already allocated to the call stack, typically resulting in the program crashing. The website was launched in 2008 as a platform for users to post questions and receive answers on topics revolving around computer programming. Stack Overflow is one website in a network of Q&A websites owned by Stack Exchange, which has had its own app available for quite some time now.

Now, an official, dedicated app to just Stack Overflow has been launched on both Android and iOS. Though the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow applications feature much of the same functionality (albeit the Stack Exchange app obviously allows you to access much more than just Stack Overflow), the design is clearly different. I’m a fan of the new look, but here are some screenshots so you can form your own opinion:

With the new app, you can read, ask, comment, flag, and vote on questions. You can set up push notifications for responses to your posts. You can search for posts and filter by relevancy, activity, vote count, or by date. You can also draft questions while offline, and read a history of questions you’ve previously looked through.

Download the app on the Play Store Source: Stack Overflow Blog

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