StageLight Music Creation App Free For XDA Members

StageLight Music Creation App Free For XDA Members

Open Labs is currently offering a free copy of  their music creation software StageLight to XDA members before the official launch when it will rise to $9.99. The single caveat being that you can currently only install the app on a tablet with a multi-core CPU, 2gb of RAM and running Android 4.4 or higher.

The app itself is highly polished and comes with a host of content for both new users and experienced music creators alike, starting with basic song building tutorials and lessons on the usage of the app and ending with advanced compositions and complete songs. The in-app store has additional content ranging from short audio loops and sounds which start at $0.99 to sound packs from artists such as Linkin Park and Timbaland ending at $14.99. We did a quick count and came to a figure just over $200 if you would like all the IAPs, which for many of us would seem rather pricey for a mobile app.



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Selecting the “Play, Create and Share” option from the main menu takes you to the “New song” screen where you can select a genre (Hip Hop, Hard Rock, Electro Dance, Pop Rock or Trap) or opt for a completely clean slate, view your recent songs, or explore all your previous compositions. It’s when you select one of these options that you can start working on your piece. By recording each instrument’s section one at a time, it becomes very easy to layer sounds on top of one another for a full bodied song. You can easily choose to replicate previously recorded clips as many times as you would like as well.

Following the above mentioned, tutorials simply walk you through creating your first song and from there experimentation quickly fills in any remaining blanks. After around 30 minutes I was able to have formed a short tune and with a little extra I was able to flesh it out until it lasted several minutes and was no longer cringe worthy, just by selecting the appropriate sound and playing the notes on the keyboard in app. If you are interested in music creation then this app is definitely worth more than a passing look. Likewise for those of us new to the field we are sure you’ll be able to produce complex sounds in no time at all.




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The opportunity to get your free copy ends soon, so don’t forget to head over to the forum as soon as you can to apply for the beta.

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