Star Wars OnePlus 5T is Coming to Finland, Sweden, and Denmark

Star Wars OnePlus 5T is Coming to Finland, Sweden, and Denmark

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With Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming to cinemas in mid-December, both Motorola and OnePlus have announced partnerships with Disney and are bringing the Star Wars brand to their phones. This comes in the form of a Moto Mod Style Shell with a Darth Vader image, and a Stormtrooper edition of the OnePlus 5T. The only problem is that these limited edition products are region restricted, with the Moto Z shell only available in China and the OnePlus 5T Stormtrooper edition only available in India. Or so it seemed.

The OnePlus 5T Stormtrooper edition is now said to be coming to Finland, Sweden, and Denmark according to an official post made on the OnePlus forums. In Finland, a special pop-up store will arrive in the Helsinki Tennis Palace, opening at 4 PM on the 13th of December, before the premiere of the new movie later that day. It will then be available for purchase through the Finnish carrier Elisa, and in all of the referenced countries (so Finland, Sweden, and Denmark) through their official store on from the 14th of December.

This means that the door may now be open for the limited edition device to come to other regions too, along with a much easier way to import the device in regions where it is not officially sold. Those in the European Union may find it easier to import the device from one of the sites listed above, rather than trying to import it from India where users would then have to deal with parcel forwarding, import duty costs, and shipping costs.

So far there is still no word on greater market availability of the Moto Z Style Shell mod, however, which still remains a China-only exclusive. It is currently unknown how much of where the limited edition products sell is up to to Disney or not.

Source: OnePlus