Start Your Career in Development with this $31 JavaScript Course Bundle

Start Your Career in Development with this $31 JavaScript Course Bundle

As an aspiring developer, it’s easy to get stuck on choosing which language to learn. Which ones are essential? Which will earn you the most? JavaScript is probably your safest bet — used in both web and app development, this versatile language is ever-present. The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle helps you master JS, with eight courses and over 42 hours of content. You can pick up the bundle now for just $31 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Up there with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the most foundational languages in web development. It comes in many guises, and it can be used to create both pretty animations and data-driven databases. In fact, you can build entire web apps using variants of JavaScript.

This bundle shows you how, with over 600 hands-on video tutorials. Starting from scratch, the training helps you write your first lines of code and your first app with JavaScript. You get plenty of practice, with numerous project apps to build — JavaScript cookies, drawing apps, a dice game, and many more.

Having completed all the courses, you should have a solid portfolio and eight certificates to your name.

Order now for $31 to get lifetime access to all eight courses, worth $1,492.


The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $31

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