Start11 1.2 adds taskbar ungrouping and more features to Windows 11

Start11 1.2 adds taskbar ungrouping and more features to Windows 11

Start11 is getting updated to version 1.2 today, and with it come a handful of new features for Windows 11 in general. Most notably, Start11 1.2 adds the ability to ungroup taskbar icons, as well as resize the taskbar, and more.

Taskbar ungrouping was a feature in most recent Windows versions, but with Windows 11, it was removed. That means if you open multiple windows of the same app, they’ll all be displayed under the same icon, instead of different entries on the taskbar. While the Start11 1.2 beta already included the ability to ungroup taskbar icons, the final version also gives you the option to ungroup them while also using icons only, instead of adding text labels to each icon. If you choose to group icons, you can also hold the Ctrl key while clicking an icon to cycle through all the open windows.


Windows 11 taskbar with ungrouped icons aligned to the left

Beyond that, Start11 1.2 also adds improved multi-monitor support, giving you the ability to change the taskbar grouping settings independently for each monitor. It’s now possible to resize the taskbar, too, so more open apps are visible. This is in addition to being able to move the taskbar anywhere on the screen, which you could already do with previous versions.

New in the final release of Start11 1.2 is the ability to turn off taskbar animations if you find them distracting. It’s also now possible to align the Start menu icon to the left of the taskbar but keep the app icons in the center, if you prefer that style. Finally, Start11 1.2 also adds the ability to drag a file onto an app on the taskbar to open said file in that app. In addition to restoring previous functionality, the app is adding new features that weren’t possible even on previous versions of Windows.

Windows 11 taskbar with ungrouped icons with no labels aligned at the center with Start button on the left

One last tweak is that the configuration window for Start11 now uses the Windows 11 Mica material, allowing the desktop background to shine through.

If you’re interested in Start11, it’s available to buy for $4.99 on Stardock’s website. It’s also available as part of the Object Desktop suite.

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