Start11 is out, letting you make the Windows 10 Start Menu look like Windows 11

Start11 is out, letting you make the Windows 10 Start Menu look like Windows 11

Nearly a month after launching the release candidate, Stardock is releasing Start11 1.0. Like its predecessors Start10 and Start8, the utility is designed to allow you to customize your Start Menu. Indeed, Start8 was originally designed to fix the mess that was Windows 8, letting you bring back the old Windows 7 Start Menu.

And if you like that Start Menu, you can still use it. Start11 lets you make the Start Menu in Windows 11 look like it did in Windows 7 or Windows 10. It even has a Windows 11 option that has way more customization options, letting you group apps by category and such. You can also use it to move the taskbar to different sides of the screen, an option that was taken away in Windows 11.


“Since Microsoft first announced Windows 11, we have been working to optimize Start11 for the new operating system” said Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO. “We make it easy for users to customize nearly every detail of their PC experience, including being able to choose from several new Start menu layouts and repositioning the taskbar, among many other things.”

Windows 10 Start Menu on Start 11

That’s not all though, because you don’t actually need to be on Windows 11 to make use of Start11. You can also use it on Windows 10. That means that if your PC doesn’t meet the strict CPU requirements of the new OS, you can still make your Start Menu look like it, and frankly, the visual overhaul is a big part of the upgrade anyway.

On Windows 10, you’ll get the new Start Menu, the new customization options that Start11 offers like pinned files and folders, and it will be centered.

Start11 is available starting today, and it’s going to run you $5.99, and as usual, it’s included in the Object Desktop suite of utilities. There’s also an option for an upgrade for users of Start8 and Start10.

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