Get Status Bar Clock Tweaks for Android P [Root]

Get Status Bar Clock Tweaks for Android P [Root]

I for one have not been a fan of how Google has handled certain parts of Android P. They could have done the navigation gestures much better, and I feel they could have handled the placement of icons and information in the status bar better for notched displays. It may take time to get used to things like the time being on the left side of the status bar, but a new mod means you can move it back. XDA Recognized Contributor/Themer AL_IRAQI has created a mod for Substratum called Statusbar Clock Tweaks for P that gives you back control of your status bar.

Current features include:

  • Set Clock Placement
  • Remove Clock
  • Set Clock Size
  • Set Clock Font

If you have any other requests, the developer seems open to suggestions and in the thread, they said they are planning to do more.

You currently can download this modification for Substratum on Google Drive or AndroidFileHost. Check out the thread below for more information.

Check out this Statusbar Clock Tweaks for Android P

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