Stay Anonymous Online with KeepSolid Private Browser, Now $29

Stay Anonymous Online with KeepSolid Private Browser, Now $29

It’s a known fact that when you go online, you leave a trace. You may not realize it, but thousands of companies may know that you’re reading this very article. Freaky, huh? If you would prefer to keep your browsing history private, you need to try KeepSolid Private Browser. This innovative app (Android and iOS) provides VPN protection and secure encryption, meaning no one can track your evert move. Right now, you can get lifetime service for just $29 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Most cybersecurity experts advocate using a VPN to protect your online privacy. But setting up this kind of protection can be difficult. In contrast, KeepSolid Private Browser is easy to use and very effective.

You use the app as you would any other browser, like Chrome or Safari. The only difference is that KeepSolid helps you stay anonymous online. All your traffic is routed through masking servers to strip away your real IP address and location. In addition, the browser applies AES-256 encryption for an extra layer of peace of mind.

In combination, these features provide military-grade security and privacy with the minimum of fuss. You can protect up to five devices simultaneously on one account, and you can even use the browser to bypass local restrictions.

Order now for $29 to get lifetime service with unlimited bandwidth, worth $50.


KeepSolid Private Browser: Lifetime Subscription – $29

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