Steam Controller gains Bluetooth LE to support the Steam Link app

Steam Controller gains Bluetooth LE to support the Steam Link app

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Valve recently announced that Steam Link was coming to iOS and Android so you can stream your games from your PC to your phone. The announcement mentioned that we would be able to control our games through the Steam Controller. This lead to some confusion—the Steam Controller’s Bluetooth radio isn’t actually usable and hasn’t been since it was released. In a new post in the Steam Controller Steam Group, though, it seems that Bluetooth Low Energy will be enabled via a firmware update that you simply install through your PC. You’ll then be able to use the Steam Controller with the Steam Link app on your phone or tablet!

Steam Link Steam Controller Bluetooth

How it works is pretty simple. To switch to Bluetooth mode, hold down the B key while powering the Steam Controller on. It will switch on in Bluetooth mode. If you want to switch back to the normal wireless mode, then simply hold down the A key and power on. There are a few reasons why you’d want to use it in BLE mode, not included connecting to your phone. You can connect to your computer without using a USB port, and it simply facilitates laziness as well if you’re not bothered setting everything up the normal way.

What’s more, there are use cases outside of the games you’ll be able to stream to your phone. With emulators becoming more commonplace on Android, you should be able to use your Steam Controller to play a huge variety of games on the go without having to use an OTG cable! If you want to give Bluetooth LE mode a try on the Steam Controller, you should read the source link below for full setup instructions.

Source: Steam Control Steam Group