Steam Deck updated with new Windows APU and audio drivers

Steam Deck updated with new Windows APU and audio drivers

Valve recently took to Twitter to announce a new update for its Steam Deck console. Surprisingly, the update comes on the Windows side, updating the APU and audio driver for the unit. The new drivers can now be downloaded directly from the Steam Deck Windows Resources support page.

While the official resource page doesn’t give much explanation or details about the update, Valve did comment via Twitter, giving users some extra details about the updated drivers for Windows. The fresh set of drivers is meant to address some known issues, with regards to games not running well or not running at all. While Valve did not have a complete list of games affected, it did clarify that at least one game, Halo Infinite, had been fixed, thanks to the new APU driver.


Updates continue

While Valve has been very open about other operating systems on the Steam Deck, it does also offer a disclaimer, stating that there is no formal support for anything outside of Steam OS. Despite this, it took Valve only a month after the Steam Deck’s release to offer support for Windows 10. A month later, it brought full Windows 11 support to the Steam Deck. Most recently, it began offering official Steam Deck audio drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Previously, the console offered sub-par audio support for Windows, with limited support for USB-C and Bluetooth audio devices.

There are a few caveats to running Windows, with the main one being that there is no native dual-boot option. There are currently workarounds, but it might be a lot of work for a sub-par experience. Valve has already committed to a proper dual-boot option in a future update. Pre-orders are still being processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Those ordering now will have an estimated shipment date of Q3 2022.

Source: Steam Deck (Twitter), Steam Support

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