Latest Steam Deck update adds per-game performance profiles at last

Latest Steam Deck update adds per-game performance profiles at last

Valve is keeping its foot firmly on the gas with Steam Deck updates and the latest is a good one. Many players, myself included, have been wanting a per-game profile feature and Valve has delivered. The update is pushing out now and adds the new feature to the quick access menu.

Since launch, Steam Deck owners have had control over TDP, frame rates, and clock speed, with a recent appearance from a refresh rate switcher for the display. This latest feature makes it easier than ever to get your game performance just right and never have to touch it again.

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Once inside a game, opening the performance menu will now show a new toggle. When enabled, the Steam Deck will create a profile for that game so you can tweak the settings as you wish. Then when you play again, those settings will automatically load. If you turn off the toggle you will revert back to whatever global settings are in place. This will be a really important quality of life improvement for Steam Deck owners, as it does feel sometimes like more time is spent in the performance menu than enjoying games.


This isn’t the only new feature to be found in the update, with the usual smorgasbord of fixes and improvements. Valve has improved the performance when switching between online and offline modes, as well as fixing a bug relating to friends appearing online when you are not. There are also improvements for connecting to external displays, where the Deck will now show a scaled virtual 1280×800 resolution. More work is apparently underway on this, too.

The Steam Deck updates continue to come thick and fast as more units start to get into gamers’ hands around the world. We’re not even three months post-launch yet and the platform has seen a series of significant upgrades. Check out the full patch notes to see everything that’s new.

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