Valve updates its shipping windows for Steam Decks again

Valve updates its shipping windows for Steam Decks again

Valve has been doing an excellent job of getting its Steam Deck console into the hands of more people. If you’ve been patiently waiting, there could be some good news. The company announced changes through its OnDeck Twitter account, letting everyone know that deliveries that were previously estimated for Q4 might now be fulfilled in Q3.

This means that if you were previously scheduled to get your Steam Deck from October through December, you could now potentially expect it to arrive by the end of next month. With that said, there is a small catch with the newly updated timeline. Unfortunately, not everyone will be bumped up to the Q3 timeframe. It will be completely dependent on when you reserved your console.


Valve has continued to impress, continuously pushing up reservation windows for those patiently waiting. While shipments felt like they were being delivered at a snail’s pace at one point, Valve seemed to really turn the corner in June, announcing that it had completed its order for Q2 and was moving on to reservations in Q3. The company would add that it would be more than doubling shipments for the next round.

Last month, Valve issued a new update, stating that it was ramping up production and that it would be able to fulfill orders sooner due to improvements in the supply chain. It even boldly claimed that it would fulfill all existing pre-orders by the end of the year. Because of this, many folks who were previously in the “Q4 or later” category were bumped up to Q3. Those in the “later” part were bumped up to Q4.

While it has done an impressive job with shipments, it has also done an excellent job of improving the console through software. The firm has released several updates, improving the console’s performance and reliability. It has even managed to offer proper support for Windows through updated drivers, despite stating that it wouldn’t. If you are curious about the status of your order, you can head to the Steam Store to check to see whether your position in the queue has been changed.

Source: Steam Deck (Twitter)

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