Give your setup the glow-up with Steelseries’ gaming bundle, only $130 at Best Buy

Give your setup the glow-up with Steelseries’ gaming bundle, only $130 at Best Buy

If you’re looking for some new gaming accessories to deck out your PC setup, Steelseries is not a brand that disappoints. Much like Razer and Corsair, Steelseries makes a variety of accessories make specifically with PC gaming in mind, and the quality can’t be argued against. To make it easy for those that need a full upgrade, there is the Steelseries gaming bundle, a great set of (mostly) wireless gaming accessories, bundled together so you can save a bit of money and packaging when upgrading. Normally $200, this bundle is currently on sale at Best Buy for just $130!

Aptly named the Steelseries Blow-Up Gaming Bundle, you get four helpful items in this money-saving bundle. First up, the Arctis 1 wireless gaming headset. Retailing at $100, this headset works with not only the PC, but all of your gaming consoles. There is even a USB-C dongle to use with your Switch or smartphone! With over 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, it’ll always be good to game. You can’t argue against a headset that works with everything!


As for the keyboard in the Steelseries gaming bundle, you’ll be getting the Apex 3 (retail price $50). This RGB full mechanical keyboard comes with quiet switches, meaning your teammates won’t constantly hear your clacking away as you all play. It’s also water-resistant, so if you happen to have a desk spill, your keyboard won’t short out.

Topping this gaming bundle off is the Rival 3 Wireless mouse and a medium QcK mousepad. While I can’t find the mouse on Amazon, the headset and keyboard alone retail at a total of $150, which is more than the current $130 asking price. Why not give your whole accessory set-up an upgrade?

    Refresh your entire gaming accessory set-up with Steelseries' glow-up bundle! Only $130 at Best Buy, this four-piece bundle will give you everything you need to game the right way.

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