Play Music on Android Wear with Stellio Music Player

Play Music on Android Wear with Stellio Music Player

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Android Wear smartwatches are growing in popularity every day. Some devices have already been released to the market, while some some others were announced and are awaiting mass availability. One thing is inevitable though, and that is that they will soon conquer the Android-loving market pretty soon. When things get popular, they rapidly are the subject of developer attention and some interesting projects start to pop up as well.

Smartwatches seem to be the perfect devices from which to play music, but not many of the most popular music players have been rewritten with Android Wear compatibility. One application that has been designed to work with Android Wear is Stellio Music Player by XDA Forum Member doomedez. The application offers everything that you could possibly need from a music player. This application can control music, browse it by artist, folders, or albums. It can even color the surrounding elements by cover. The application also offers a handy equalizer and sync support with VKontakte, a popular social media portal.

If you are planning to buy an Android Wear smartwatch or you already have one, this music player is definitely an application that is worth a look. It’s nice to see applications designed to work with this new platform.

You can find Stellio Music Player by visiting the Stellio application thread. Head over there to turn your smartwatch into a stylish walkman right away.