Steve Kondik, Founder of Cyanogen, is Working on Oculus Go at Facebook

Steve Kondik, Founder of Cyanogen, is Working on Oculus Go at Facebook

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If you’re wondering what happened to Steve Kondik after the Cyanogen Inc fallout, then we have some interesting news to share. Steve Kondik, one of the co-founders of Cyanogen Inc, recently revealed on his private Facebook that one of the latest projects he’s been working on is actually the new Oculus Go. The Facebook-owned product is looking to make waves in the virtual reality market by making a new device that’s even more affordable for potential consumers. The device allegedly has the best clarity of all VR devices currently on the market with new lenses, a WQHD LCD screen, and a higher fill factor than regular OLED screens.

The Oculus Go has been announced to ship in 2018 at a cost of $199 per unit putting it between the Gear VR and the tethered Oculus Rift. Being a self-contained VR unit, it also works very similarly to Samsung’s Gear VR as it requires no cables or phone and is designed for portability. We currently don’t know what hand he had in the making of the device.

It’s possible Kondik worked on the software side of the product as he has worked since April 2017 at Oculus VR. His reported job title is “Systems Engineer”, which is a branch of engineering which focuses on the design of complex systems. In 2011, for a little over a year, he worked as a research and design manager at Samsung, only to return to Cyanogen for the following three years. His tenure at Cyanogen began with his creation of CyanogenMod and then to later found the company Cyanogen Inc with Kirt McMaster in 2012.

CyanogenMod then migrated to LineageOS when Kondik left, who took a small work break after the company shut down. The custom ROM was maintained in its entirety by the community, but it’s great to see Kondik still around working on other projects.