Sticky Password Keeps Your Logins Under Lock and Key

Sticky Password Keeps Your Logins Under Lock and Key

One of the many downsides to hackers becoming more innovative and adept at breaking into our personal accounts is that we’re constantly coming up with new and increasingly complex passwords to protect ourselves. This makes it almost impossible to keep track of our various login codes, and every time we have to reset our information the passwords just become more complicated and easier to forget. The vicious cycle continues.

Sticky Password Premium offers a solution by creating strong, encrypted passwords for all your accounts and arming you with a single, master password that’s known to you and only you. And right now, a lifetime subscription to this tool is on sale for just $39.99.

Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, Sticky Password Premium automatically and securely saves and autofills your passwords across the web, logs into recognized sites using a specially-crafted and ultra-secure login, and fills out forms instantly with pre-saved information. All you have to do is remember a single master password and Sticky Password Premium does the rest.

You can put an end to the endless cycle of creating and forgetting new passwords with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium—on sale for over 70% off at just $39.99.

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