Stop Being The “Annoying Phone Guy” During Meetings With BusyMe for Android

Stop Being The “Annoying Phone Guy” During Meetings With BusyMe for Android

Has it ever happened to you that you are in the middle of something and your phone just goes off? That usual call at midnight from telemarketers, which ends up waking up everyone in your house is about to become a thing of the past thanks to an app for Android developed by XDA member capitalf. BusyMe works hand in hand with Google calendar events and basically will instruct the phone to put itself in vibration mode during times where appointments are scheduled and will put the device back in normal mode once the meeting is over. The app can exclude certain events based on keywords as well, so don’t worry about your phone going on Vibrate because you have someone’s birthday in your calendar. It also features profiles to determine the action taken by the app, so it is rather complete and pretty much fool proof.

If you have used the app or if you are thinking about taking it for a spin, please leave some feedback.

Busy Me is a simple app that automatically sets your phone to vibrate during events on your Google Calendar and returns the ringer to normal afterwards. This is my first app and has helped me avoid being the “annoying phone guy” during meetings at work.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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