Storage Redirect is a root app that isolates storage access for bad Android apps

Storage Redirect is a root app that isolates storage access for bad Android apps

If you have ever browsed through the file directory of your phone, you probably would have noticed a huge pile of dormant folders and files that essentially serve no value. Many apps don’t follow the best practices and leave behind a large number of files after you uninstall them from your phone. To give users more control over their storage and limit app clutter, Google introduced Scoped Storage access in Android 10, which restricts how apps can access the external storage. While implementing Scoped Storage isn’t mandatory for apps targeting Android 10, Google will fully implement this new change in the next major release: Android 11. 


But you don’t have to wait for Android 11 to take control of your device storage. Storage Redirect is an app that works on the same principle as Scoped Storage and lets you manage how apps use your storage. With Storage Redirect, you can choose which apps you want to isolate and which apps you want to give full access to the shared storage. Once an app is isolated, it can only access files from within its own directory and files generated by the app will also remain in the isolated storage. 

Here’s what you can do with Storage Redirect: 

  • You can control which of your private files the app can use (by folder)
  • Files created by the app will remain in isolated storage
  • Isolated storage will be automatically deleted after uninstalling the app
  • You can create your own rules to decide which important files to “synchronize” from the isolated storage to the shared storage space

Storage Redirect requires root access to perform its magic so make sure you meet this requirement before giving it a try.

Storage Isolation
Developer: Xingchen & Rikka
Price: Free

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