Get a dark theme for Sony devices running Nougat with Substratum

Get a dark theme for Sony devices running Nougat with Substratum

Substratum is the current go-to theme engine of choice for the majority of the Android enthusiasts within the community. It offers a robust platform for designers who want use their talents to customize the look and feel of both the Android operating system as well as individual applications. Different smartphone OEMs implement certain features that designers can include in their themes to offer complete support for certain devices. XDA Senior Member balrajs99 wanted to do this for Sony devices that are currently running Android 7.x Nougat, so they released a Substratum theme called Graphi.

Graphi is a dark theme that gives you the ability to choose the background and accent color you like the most. The developers want you to make sure you download Substratum from the thread linked below and that you don’t update it via the Play Store if you want to use this theme. It has been personally tested by this developer on the Xperia Z5 on Android Nougat but we’re told that it should work on all Sony devices running Nougat and Substratum.

Check out Graphi  in our Sony Themes and Apps forum

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