Substratum App is getting Redesigned – Here’s a Sneak Peek

Substratum App is getting Redesigned – Here’s a Sneak Peek

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There are some applications for Android that are just a pleasure to use thanks to their user interface, smooth animations, and great layout.  Substratum is one of those applications, but the team has been working on a new redesign to make it even better. This week we got a sneak peak at the big UI revamp that will be coming in the next Substratum update.

The first thing you’ll notice when opening up the application is how the main screen has changed. Before, we had a blue app header with an expandable menu on the left side of the screen. The currently installed themes were displayed in square icons which included an image with the name and developer right below it. The new redesign to Substratum that was revealed this week shows that almost all of these elements will be changed in the new update.

Firstly, there isn’t a blue app header anymore (it’s all white), and there isn’t an expandable menu hidden on the left side of the application either. Instead, the team has opted for a bottom bar with some buttons for different areas including Themes, Manager, Showcase, Recovery, and Settings. The currently installed themes on display have also changed a bit as they are no longer shown in a square but have instead been condensed into a rectangle with rounded corners.

The bottom navigation bar is a highly debated change as many feel it is too similar to iOS. However, it’s hard to dispute the user experience benefits especially with smartphones getting bigger and bigger. This new update also comes with some behind the scene compilation changes (which benefit themers) and a few security patches which are built in to the new template version. We aren’t told when this new update will be rolled out, but the Google+ post linked below does include a demo video that shows you the new animations, layout, and gestures.

Source: +NicholasChumCDT