Substratum Release 780 Brings Android O DP3 Support, Encrypted Assets for Anti-Piracy, and More!

Substratum Release 780 Brings Android O DP3 Support, Encrypted Assets for Anti-Piracy, and More!

Substratum has been working on a few new features for the theming community, and they are giving themers and users a chance to try out the new goodies. The latest Substratum Release 780 brings new features such as Encrypted Assets and Android O DP3 Support along with a whole host of performance and bug fixes.

Encrypted Assets is the major new addition to this update, focusing on making it much more difficult for pirates to kang themes. Encrypted Assets is a result of the efforts of the Substratum theme working together with the SlimROMs team to put their recent issues with each other behind them. Substratum is also now open to having Slim on the development alliance with the introduction of the new Substratum Theme Template.

With Encrypted Assets, the assets/overlays folder on the device will be completely encrypted using an AES 128-bit algorithm. The encryption is restricted only to the overlays folder as the teams wanted to minimize platform changes for the time being. There is more work to be done on securing it better to achieve its objectives, but so far, they are ready for a release-preview iteration.

The encryption makes it difficult for pirates to simply “kang” or “recompile” themes, acting as a strong dissuasion against the whole piracy ordeal. This would then greatly motivate dedicated themers to put more work, both quantity and quality wise, into their themes. This also stands to benefit bonafide users as they can now look forward to healthier theme choices rather than deal with bland low-effort ‘reworks’ created with the intention of piracy.

As a side note, profile compilation for encrypted themes is not complete yet. Only OverlayUpdater and OverlayFound works right now.

The Substratum Theme Template also sees an update in the form of v10.0.0 release-preview. The theme template was rewritten in Kotlin, meaning that existing themers looking to upgrade to the new template will be needing to target a minimum API level of 24 (Android 7.0 Nougat). Themers will need the latest Android Studio Canary Preview 3 for Kotlin support, and they should be ready for a full rebase of their existing templates. The Substratum Theme Template readme is also ready with all the needed pointers for Kotlin to make it easier for themers to get started.

And finally, the latest Substratum update also brings Android O DP3 support (OMS). This will allow users to start theming for Android O again on the latest Developer Preview.

The full changelog for this update is given below:


Update travis.yml with changes for Android API 26
Merge pull request #110 from MSF-Jarvis/dev
Internal housekeeping build 780
EncryptedAssets: Suppress warnings for non encrypted themes
OverlayUpdater: Staticize and Reorganize
EncryptedAssets: Perform handshake with theme package to update overlays
Internal housekeeping build 770
EncryptedAssets: Disable for BootAnimations, Fonts and Sounds
Add adaptive icon support
Break free from hardcoded checker
References: Change how we detect OMS
only use checkOreo method and update for odp3
build: Update dependencies
build: Update build tools and SDK version
Full project refactor/optimize
EncryptedAssets: Key retrieval from template initial commit
References: Adapt to the newer template action detection algorithm
EncryptedAssets: Fix application of bootanimation on decrypted devices
OverlaysItem: Fix missing icon
EncryptedAssets: Invoke fragmentalized static objects after fast forward
EncryptedAssets: Add decryption method for fonts
EncryptedAssets: Add decryption method for sounds
EncryptedAssets: Add decryption method for boot animations
EncryptedAssets: Decrypt the bootanimation too
EncryptedAssets: Copy all the types as well
EncryptedAssets: Initial parsing and compilation support
EncryptedAssets: Add initial checking for encrypted assets
Reformat after fast forward
Center all TextViews on the previously simplified layout
MainActivity: Remove Library fragment animation for now
MainActivity: Change deprecated MenuItemCompat method
MainActivity: Remove all leaky statics
MainActivity: Move interfacer authorization receiver with another receiver
MainActivity: Do not hardcode fragment classes name
build: Rename odp flavor
Simplify TextView with images
Go castaway
Remove unused imports
Remove deprecated notification methods
build: update gradle plugin
build: Fix google-services plugin not detected
Use the new complicated notification channel
Properly register receivers for packages change
Use latest preview build tools and add odp flavor
Register broadcast receivers on application class instead
Fix string concatenation in loop lint warning
SubstratumUpdateReceiver: Check for intent action
Hopefully fix the type2 persistence on cache mode
Overlays: Make JobReceiver class non-static
Fix progress indicator position
Overlays: Fix lint warnings
Overlays: Dramatically reduce scrolling lag on first launch
build: Update dependencies and adjust
Fix compile error with Android Studio Canary 2
build: Update build tools
SubstratumRescue: Do not wipe /sdcard/substratum
SettingsFragment: Fix show template version default value
PackageModificationDetector: Use theme icon for notification

Substratum Release 780 and its new features are limited to Beta stream users for now. The update does mark a significant milestone for Substratum towards increased support and against piracy.

What are your thoughts on Substratum’s new measure to increase the difficulty in piracy? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nicholas Chum (Google+)

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