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This is the XDA Portal Tip/Contact form, where you can send us any breaking news, suggest content for us to cover, or share something that you’ve discovered.

We thank you in advance for your help in making the XDA News Portal the best place for you to catch up on important news, discussions, and tutorials related to Android.


  • Ask for technical support related to an issue with your device, software, accessory, or application. We do not have the time or manpower to help every individual out, unfortunately. If you need help, consider posting on our dedicated help board or look for the Q&A forum for your specific device.
  • Ask us to review your application or game. While we are happy to promote original applications or games that are posted on our forums, we generally don’t do app reviews on request. Consider posting your app to our dedicated Apps & Games board or submit it to XDA Labs. We can only feature or promote applications that are free or have a free version available to forum members.


  • Send us a tip regarding breaking news that you haven’t seen covered yet, whether it is something you found from our forums or elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Send us screenshots, APKs, Zips, and more regarding any new application/feature in testing (such as a Google app with a server-side feature test) or upcoming software update to a device with an exciting new feature. We would be happy to break the coverage and we will of course give credit to anyone who tips us.
  • Send us any content (from within or outside of the forums) that you think deserves coverage. Whether it is ground-breaking, original development work, a unique take on a common problem, or a detailed guide on how to solve a frequent issue, we are happy to signal-boost any interesting content from the forums.


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The following contact methods are provided to you if you would prefer messaging us through an alternative method. Take note that your message may take some time to reach the Portal Team if you choose to contact us via either Twitter or Facebook, as the Social Media Team is in charge of those communication avenues.

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