Sultanxda’s Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 Lands on the OnePlus 3

Sultanxda’s Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 Lands on the OnePlus 3

If you are a OnePlus user since the One days and frequented the XDA subforums, this name would need no introduction. Sultanxda is responsible for kicking things up a notch for the camera performance on the OnePlus One. First, he allowed 1080p video recording with the front camera.

And then, he bumped it up to 2K! And these were just some of the additions that we documented here on the Portal — there’s much more to his ROM that gives it its fan following, including great performance and superior battery life.

Now there’s some good news flowing out for OnePlus 3 owners. If you purchased the device to partake in the developer friendly scene of the phone, you would be very pleased to know that the OnePlus 3 now has its own Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 built by  XDA Recognized Developer Sultanxda.

This CyanogenMod 13.0 build is based on the stable branch of CyanogenMod, and not nightly. The main goal of the ROM, as the developer states, is to provide stability with an overall good user experience. To that effect, the ROM comes with a highly customized kernel as well as a custom camera HAL, but no root access so you will have to flash SuperSU on your own.

Sultanxda’s Beta tester had good words to speak for the ROM on reddit:

I’ve been using this ROM for the past month and I’m really happy to report that it’s absolutely outstanding. I’m really happy to report 6-8 hours of screen on time on average for me. The phone also remains very cool under heavy use. The op3 often heated up to uncomfortable levels with stock and Sultan did a great job underclocking to maximize performance and thermal efficiency. The ROM also features all kinds of great goodies like an improved camera HAL, better security, and all kinds of bug fixes. The headphone jack, touchscreen, and video recording all work as they should with no bugs or issues. The only thing some people may complain about is Sultan not using the latest cm snapshot. Sultan did try the nighties and I will attest that battery life was absolutely awful with them so going with ZNH2K was definitely the right decision for now. I hope you all enjoy this ROM cause Sultan did a fantastic job with it.

The included kernel in the ROM is built on the latest stable CAF base from Qualcomm. The ROM does support Dash Charging, so you do not lose out on this aspect of stock functionality. The CPU is underclocked by default, so if you are not a fan of that, you can bring the clock speeds back to normal.

Photo quality on the ROM is claimed to be much better than official CyanogenMod 13 nighties. But as the dev states, the camera features and overall camera experience is still better on OxygenOS. So if the camera is your top priority, you might want to stick to OxygenOS for now, at least until this ROM gets up to par in that specific department..

If you would like to try out the ROM, head on over to the XDA thread. Be sure to read the installation instructions before flashing the ROM!

What are your thoughts on this ROM? Have you tried it yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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