Sultanxda’s Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 Lands on the OnePlus 3T Through Unified Build

Sultanxda’s Unofficial CyanogenMod 13 Lands on the OnePlus 3T Through Unified Build

Many users were rightfully apprehensive of the development scene on the OnePlus 3T not picking up, as the predecessor of the device was launched just a few months ago. Users and developers had already settled for the OnePlus 3, which has a very booming ROM scene by comparison.

However, development on the 3T is also picking up. Just a few hours ago, XDA Recognized Developer Grarak tweeted about how he managed to boot CyanogenMod 14 on his OnePlus 3T, and Sultanxda offered a public release of his Unofficial CM 13 as well.

XDA Recognized Developer Sultanxda‘s custom ROM for the OnePlus 3T is now available for download. Sultanxda is best known for his camera related works on the OnePlus One and several other development projects spread across a few devices. The custom ROM is in the form of his own modified CyanogenMod 13 builds based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, also making use of his own custom kernel. The ROM is based off the stable CyanogenMod branch instead of nightly as stability is one of its prime focus areas.


The ROM interestingly supports both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T, meaning that you can flash it on either device as long as you have a compatible recovery. Some of the other features are as follows:

  • OTA updates via built-in CMUpdater
  • Improved GPS speed and accuracy
  • Custom camera app featuring:
    • Photo quality comparable to OxygenOS
    • Anti-shake mode (increases the shutter speed to reduce motion blur)
    • Manual shutter speed control (1/5000th of a second up to 30 seconds)
    • Manual ISO control
    • EIS when recording video at resolutions lower than 4k UHD
    • Video HDR mode
    • Antibanding control
    • Exposure control
    • Denoise control
    • Face detection
    • HDR
    • Many other manual controls
  • Many other misc. performance and stability improvements under the hood
  • Kernel features:
    • Rebuilt from the ground up using the latest Snapdragon 821 CAF base from Qualcomm (LA.HB.1.3.2)
    • Removed lots of excessive bloat (improves security and performance)
    • Improved stability (several bugs not listed here have been fixed)
    • DASH charge
    • Dynamic CPU input boost driver I wrote myself (makes the phone feel smooth without destroying battery life)
    • Reduced display power consumption
    • Haptic feedback is automatically disabled during phone calls and video recordings
    • Improved touchscreen processing
    • Improved audio jack detection (no more weird buzzing noise and headphones are always detected on the first try)
    • CPU underclocked by default (big cluster: 2054MHz LITTLE cluster: 1593MHz) (you can disable this; read the FAQ for more info)
    • Custom thermal control driver I wrote myself (features 9 thermal throttle steps; keeps the phone cool)
    • Westwood TCP congestion algorithm (enabled by default)

There are no bugs mentioned right off the bat. Root access is not included in the ROM by default, so you will need to flash your preferred root solution separately.

For downloads and discussions, please head on over to the forum thread.

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