SuperSU is Updated to Version 2.78 SR3, Fixes Pixel Related Issue and More

SuperSU is Updated to Version 2.78 SR3, Fixes Pixel Related Issue and More

A little over a week ago Chainfire announced he was able to gain root access to the Pixel phones, and that it would be packaged up and released in a few days. Not long after, we saw the first official root method released for both the Pixel and Pixel XL. Thousands of us were instantly able to gain root access to our Pixel phones thanks to the work he put into the project. Many thought he would take a break and relax for a little bit, but yesterday Chainfire released a bugfix update for SuperSU.

In a Google+ post published right after lunch time, Chainfire released version 2.78 SR3 of SuperSU. He tells us that most of the changes in this update are related to the A/B partition layout of the Pixel phones, but that it included some additional fixes as well. The first change we’re told about is a System bind, and how SuperSU has now replaced the /system to /system_root/system symlink with a bind mount for devices that have the A/B partition layout (like we see in the Pixel and Pixel XL).

This change fixes the absolute paths to something that Android actually expects and as a result it has fixed the System UI crash issue when the battery dropped to 15%. Chainfire says this will also fix some root apps that manipulate the /system partition as well. The next fix in this update was getting SuperSU’s Full Unroot feature to work on devices that used the A/B partition layout.

This bug fix update also allows systemless root to survive when the Factory Reset Protection feature is enabled. However, we are told that updates to SuperSU that were installed from the Play Store will be lost. These were the three biggest changes/fixes that are included in the latest update to SuperSU, but Chainfire also gives us a full changelog of the minor fixes too.

  • Fix ‘Full Unroot’ on slot-based systems
  • sukernel: replace system symlink with bind mount
  • sukernel: add missing slot check for system_root import
  • sukernel: fix ramdisk backup segmentation fault
  • supolicy: adjust priv_app policy to be able to call su
  • launch_daemonsu: adjust su.img size detection
  • ZIP: improve loop device setup
  • ZIP: add factory reset protection (FRP variable, default if slots used)
Source: +Chainfire

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