SuperSU v2.79 SR1 is Available, Focuses on SELinux Changes for Nougat

SuperSU v2.79 SR1 is Available, Focuses on SELinux Changes for Nougat

Yesterday, Chainfire announced the first update after version 2.78 of SuperSU was made stable. As we’ve mentioned before, the SR updates are basically a different name for beta versions of SuperSU. The name change was put into place as an attempt at reducing the number of people trying to upload beta releases to non-Google Play app stores since it would continue to carry the same version number.

Most changes here are with SELinux on Android 7.x Nougat, although there are a lot of other changes with this new update. Chainfire says this version will now use it’s own ‘u:r:supersu:s0’ context to run in. So instead of reusing the ‘u:r:init:s0’ context, this change can prevent a few conflicts from occurring. However, we’re warned that this change could make some root applications (and even some firmwares entirely) to suddenly stop working.


SuperSU v2.79 SR1 no longer modifies file_contexts[.bin] as well. Chainfire noticed that this modification caused some issues on select firmwares. They’ve been unable to identify the reason for the conflict though, but noticed that the modifications were causing it. Some people reported that SuperSU was slow to grant root access to some applications on boot when a device had a bunch of application installed. This mainly happened with Nougat, and we’re told it shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore.

You can download the flashable zip for v2.79 SR1 right here, and we encourage you to check out the XDA forum thread for the beta version of SuperSU in case you run across any issues with the new version. The full changelog for this update can be found below.

  • Expand Samsung detection
  • GUI: reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+
  • GUI: fix binary update notice when superuser disabled by user in some cases
  • su: reworked portions to work with ‘supersu’ context on 7.0+
  • su/GUI: improve responsiveness when device busy on 7.0+
  • sukernel: fix cpio restore failure with very short filenames
  • sukernel: no longer patches file_contexts(.bin)
  • sukernel: revert force seclabel (no longer needed with ‘supersu’ context)
  • supolicy: add “create”, “auditallow”, “auditdeny” policy commands
  • supolicy: support “*” for permission/range parameter of “allow”, “deny”, “auditallow”, “auditdeny”, “allowxperm” policy commands
  • supolicy: –live/–file no longer apply default patches if custom patches are supplied
  • supolicy: –sdk=X option added (required for 7.0+)
  • supolicy: reworked all SELinux rules for 7.0+, run as ‘supersu’ context
  • ZIP: Separate slotselect and system_root logic
  • ZIP: Adjust system/system_root device and mount-point detection
  • ZIP: Fix minor errors in documentation
  • ZIP/frp: Explicitly label /su
Source: +Chainfire

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